Donors Create Opportunity for Mobility and Independence

Covenant Foundation, through its generous donors, creates opportunities for Covenant facilities to elevate their care from good to great. One such initiative is the cardiac telemetry project at the Banff Mineral Springs Hospital


Currently, patients’ health and vitals are monitored by a system attached to their beds. If they need or want to move in any way, even to go to the bathroom, they must be disconnected from their monitors. It’s an inefficient and time-intensive process.


But a new monitoring system will soon allow for more freedom for patients, thanks to a very generous donation from a local family.

“A little pack will be worn by the patient, and it collects the data and sends it back to the home unit through our Wi-Fi connection,” explains Shelley Buchan, Site Administrator, Banff Mineral Springs Hospital. “This allows us to keep an eye on their health while giving them the chance to walk down the hall and enjoy some independence.”


These mobile monitors will be used for low-risk, stable patients. They will be able to enjoy some light exercise, walking the hallways and common area, while health care professionals can at all times evaluate their heart rate and rhythm. 

“It really speaks to better care. They can walk around and we have the chance to observe them in a more normal environment,” Buchan says. “Their health care team can assess and diagnose their condition more timely [sic] and get them on the right care path more quickly.”


Buchan says the donation allows for the purchase of four portable monitoring systems, as well as the site upgrades required. She says the ability to monitor patients on the move is typical in most other facilities, though rural facilities often have connection issues. 

The donors, who wish to remain anonymous, are happy to see their generosity support great quality care at the local hospital. 


“This project is not top of the list in terms of operational dollars, as we already have the capability to  monitor our patients with the current system,” Buchan says. “However, this is the kind of welcome bonus with which we can offer patients better care and increased mobility, thanks to donors and Covenant Foundation.”