Covenant Foundation brought joy to two Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre (EGCCC) residents with tickets to an Edmonton Oilers playoff game in May. 


“I’m so glad I had a chance to go,” says Tim Bearhead, who has called EGCCC home for five years. His room is decorated from top to bottom in Oilers swag. 


James Stubbs, a fellow resident, was delighted to watch his favourite player, Connor McDavid, in action.


“Just being there among the cheers was incredible,” Stubbs says. “We had a great view and I was cheering at the top of my lungs.” 


The two men enjoyed a thrilling but heartbreaking game, in which the Oilers lost in overtime to the Anaheim Ducks.


“Neither of them had been to a playoff game before—this means the world to them and we’re so excited for them,” says Brenda Neuman, recreational therapist.


All season long, the men’s passion for the Oilers was contagious on Unit 4Y, a specialized care unit at EGCCC. They never missed a game on TV and had the staff wearing team jerseys and excited about every game.


“They’ve made us better fans,” says Diana Grabusic, occupational therapist.