March 2012 - Throughout her life, Joy Roberts White is used to being on the go and loves being surrounded by people. At the Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre, the case is no different for Joy, who celebrated her 102nd birthday with friends and fellow residents on March 29, 2012. “She loves being surrounded by people and this is a special milestone for her,” said Jean Greenhill, a friend of Joy for over 50 years. “She always finds something to talk to people about.”

Joy was born on March 29, 1910 in DeansHanger, North Hamptsonshire, England. A former reporter, Joy kickstarted her career in print and broadcast in 1929 when she joined Reuters in London as a short-hand typist. She moved up the ranks to sub-editor and reporter before leaving in 1944.  In Edmonton, she worked as a journalist for CTV, CBC and CKUA from 1955 through the 1990’s. She hitch-hiked to the DEW Line in Northern Canada in the ‘50s to interview the troops. She also interviewed James ‘Jimmy’ Stewart when he was in the Military, and Haile Selassii, the last Emporor of Ethiopia for Reuters.

“I was lucky to get the kind of assignments I did,” said Joy about her career experience.

As a resident, Joy still likes to get involved - and participates in activities and outings. She likes joining the discussion and news groups, going out for tea, making a trip to the Cafeteria for French fries and even enjoying a glass of wine at pub night.

“She participates in everything we have going on, downright to bowling,” said Brenda Neuman, Recreation Therapist, Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre. “She rarely declines.”

At the Edmonton General, staff celebrate the birthdays of all residents. "That is part of our mission - that we celebrate their lives,” said Brenda.” We take a multidisciplinary team approach and look at the person as a whole.  As a team our goal is to assist the residents here at the Edmonton General live as independently as possible in a home like environment."

This article highlights one of our primary pillars, Seniors Care. 

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