April 2008 - The following is an e-mail received by the iRSM clinic from Matt, a patient who benefited from a a bilateral, bone anchored hearing aid giving him the ability to hear.

From: Matt

Sent: Thursday, April 24, 2008 8:25AM


Subject: First hour with bilateral BAHAs




MJ recorded what I said and heard. Take a look! April 23, 2008


I can hear your footsteps - I can hear the snow under your feet.

I can hear your voice without looking directly in your face.

I can hear the words of the music.

Is that where I had the radio set before? That's painfully loud.

That water dripping sounds like a pebble on glass and not like a thud anymore.

The crinkling of paper. That paper sounds like music. Music to my ears.


After 15 min of wearing it [the bilateral, bone anchored hearing aid], Bill [Hodgetts] our audiologist took Matthew's new hearing side off to adjust it and left him with just the one he had before and the way he has been hearing to this point. This is what Matthew said, “  I've gone deaf! I can't hear you!"


We got into the van later and both clung to each other and wept for joy.


PRAISE JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Matthew's prayer of THX: "Jesus, You know I am a speechless wonder.   Thank you for interceding for me."


April 24 PS


It is the music that I find truly astounding. I feel totally immersed in it and I have to hear it loud! It makes me want to run out to Future Shop and plunk down $1000 for a new car audio system to replace the tinny factory radio in my Caravan.


Thank you and have a wonderful day.



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