Little girl’s thank you to Grey Nuns emergency staff will help babies breathe

12-year-old Shanti Kamal is escorted down a busy hallway through the Grey Nuns Community Hospital Emergency Department (ED).  She knows this place well. In the past year, both she and her mom have made a number of visits to the hospital for care, but on this day she has a big grin. She’s being taken to an examination room by Shelley Buchan, Emergency Department Manager, to see the Neopuff Infant Resuscitator she donated.

“Shanti, I really admire your generosity and thoughtfulness,” says Shelley Buchan, Emergency Department Manager. “This recognition means a lot to our staff.”

Shanti now fondly refers to the Grey Nuns as “her hospital” because she has been there so often and received such wonderful care. When Shanti told her family she wanted to raise money for the ED to say thank you, they cautioned her not to set too high of a goal.

“They told me with the Calgary floods it would not be easy, but I actually did not find it too hard to raise $1300,” says Shanti.  Shanti cut her long hair, donating the money to the ED through Covenant Foundation and gave her hair to 'Locks of Love'.


Shanti asked the ED staff what they needed, and from a list provided by the department, she selected a Neopuff Infant Resuscitator, which will help the littlest patients in respiratory distress breathe.  On her visit she got the opportunity to try the high tech equipment first-hand.


“I chose this equipment because I love kids,” says Shanti.

The Grey Nuns Community Hospital now has three Neopuff Infant Resuscitators, with Shanti’s designated specifically for the ED.

Covenant Foundation is proud to recognize the efforts of Shanti as part of our mission of healing the body, enriching the mind, and nurturing the soul. Make your own mark today!